Thursday, July 10, 2008

GW is BS

"GW is BS" says one of many comments after this thoughtful article on the G8's response to tackling global warming.  Well, the comment may not be exactly true, but its sentiment indicates that most people outside of the elite halls of politics and environmentalism-the-religion now consider global warming to be a failed ideology.

The UK's position on tackling global warming is getting more and more specious.  Recently we learned that even more wind turbines would need to be constructed and that planning permission would be speeded up to allow their proliferation.  Yet the efficiency of most wind turbines has yet to be proven in the market place.

Now we learn that the answer is in electric cars.  There are a number of problems here that the politicians obviously haven't even thought of.  First, such a move would put a serious drain on available electricity generation, much of which is gas-fired anyway.  Second, there are no firm plans to build new nuclear power stations.  Third, electricity generation is grossly inefficient (40% was recently quoted) and much of it goes to waste without being used.

The truth is, a gasoline powered vehicle is an efficient user of energy.  Its power source is easily transported and still remarkably cheap at $140/barrel.  It can be switched off when not required.  In short, the UK Government would do much better if it encouraged car pools.