Sunday, July 27, 2008


Listening Post has a tribute to Stanley Kubrick - he would be 80 years old today - and it rightly positions the director as one of the greats.  For me A Clockwork Orange remains one of the best, most disturbing and provoking movies I have ever seen.  He stayed true to the story line so adeptly furnished by Anthony Burgess and added, as Listening Post rightly stresses, the counter point of music, from Beethoven to Singin' in the Rain.  There is something eerily compelling about the film today as our society seems to be converging with Burgess' ugly imagery, so perfectly imaged by Kubrick.

That Kubrick was a true master of movie making is evidenced by this simple observation.  I have seen the movie and read the book (more than once in both cases) and neither spoils the other, indeed the film compliments the book, taking it for what it is and adding visual substance that in no way spoils a return to the written page.  You can almost believe that the book compliments the film, Kubrick was that good!