Sunday, July 20, 2008

MobileMe Gallery

MobileMe is a part of the new .Mac software that was issued with the iPhone 3G.  You don't have to have an iPhone to use MobileMe but you do need a .Mac (or .Me) account.  As I have a .Mac e-mail address as backup I thought I would spend a little time exploring MobileMe.

The problem is that, at my present location, download and upload speeds are so slow that syncing seems to time out.  As a result I cannot sync my calendar, surely the most useful file to sync.  But I can create a photo gallery even though I don't use iPhoto or Aperture.  Here is a screen shot of the result:

I am not sure what I do next with the gallery - I guess iWeb would be used to create a web page.  I can't even make a full window slide show (or at least the limited help facility doesn't mention such an option).  I can double click on individual images, though.