Thursday, July 31, 2008

Plastic Bags, 10p each!

An interesting letter in today's Daily Telegraph (no link available) points out that most of us re-use supermarket plastic bags to keep the inside of our dustbins as clean as practicable. This form of recycling obviously doesn't count with the climate change minister (we actually have one!) yet the alternative of flushing out a smelly, dirty, greasy, germy, maggoty, dustbin with bleach is, presumably perfectly acceptable. Just where might that swilled out mess end up? Yes, somewhere in the local environment where it's going to do a lot of harm. The lack of common sense that prevails within the corridors of power can be quite amazing. Or is it the lust for those 10p surcharges that clouds the mind?

I am not particularly keen on plastic bags as I know they take a long time to disintegrate, but they actually take up very little space in our precious landfills. The research has been done and plastics of all kinds form a very small minority of land fill volume. It would be much more useful if the climate change minister worried about the amount of unnecessary packaging that also goes into our bins and then our landfills.