Friday, July 04, 2008

Slim down the BBC?

This article by a prominent broadcaster suggests slimming down the BBC to include only Radio 4 and BBC 1, pointing out that most of what the BBC does is rubbish that could just as easily be produced by commercial stations and thus could eliminate the license fee that is mandatory across the nation.

I think the article is quite draconian but believe that this would be a good start for public debate.  After all, if license payers have to pay the license or be heavily fined, should they not also have a say on where the programming should stop and what should be included?

I suggest Radio 3 might also be retained - no-one is going to replicate Radio 3 in the commercial world.  It would be good to have a radio station that actually plays all four movements of a four-movement symphony!

But the more important concern I have about the BBC is that these days it thinks of itself as a competitor to the various commercial stations and websites.  This is not the way it should be.