Friday, August 08, 2008

DEFRA on climate change

On Radio 4 yesterday the chief scientist at DEFRA, the UK Department of Agriculture and "Rural Affairs", claimed that the country must prepare for a 4ºC rise in temperatures, not necessarily as a worst case scenario but one that is double the EU's "target" of 2ºC. What he also stated was that we can expect hotter drier summers and warmer wetter winters. Well, so far this year (remember these people tend to judge everything by the year and not by geological time scales) the summer has been cooler and very wet with flooding in some areas (just like 2007, is there a pattern emerging?)

It is easy to see why the lay person is beginning to understand that climate change is a lot more difficult to assess than the politicians would have us believe. Although I do not advocate short term annual observations as denoting a long term trend I do see the logic of fighting the good fight over global warming using the same tactics as the opposition.

So, two cold wet summers in a row imply no need to tax Europe into economic oblivion. There, I've said it!