Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kayak to the North Pole

Global warming, the bandwagon, knows no end and the BBC is determined it will stay that way. This morning they report one Lewis Pugh and his plans to kayak to the North Pole. I wish him "good luck" in his search for fame and fortune but feel it necessary to add a comment about the BBC's article.

I quote:

"This year, for the first time, scientists predict that the North Pole could briefly be ice free and that has inspired Mr Pugh to try to find a way through."

For the first time? The BBC presumably should add "in living memory" or "since records have been kept" because for most of geological time there probably hasn't been a polar ice cap at all. We are living in strange times, a post- or inter-glacial period (probably the latter) that dictates a very different geography, climate and/or environment than the planet is used to, with far greater swings in climate change than 'normal' (except there is no 'normal' in an evolving world).

With the changes in public awareness on climate change it may be that Mr. Pugh's search for fame will be of little use - the recent fall off in sun spot activity implies we are entering a significant cooling period. And after this year's summer in the UK most Britons will find global warming a concept that is hard to accept!