Sunday, August 31, 2008

A very useful piece on the IPCC and Global Warming

Never mind that it is in the "right wing" Daily Telegraph, this article should be fundamental reading for all who are "concerned" about global warming, from whichever side of the debating chamber they currently belong. The IPCC is and has always been a political body, set up by politicians to serve politicians. For some reason the media (or most of them) want to perpetuate the idea that the IPCC is made up of the world's most eminent climate change scientists.

Do read the article and scan the comments if you have the time. As one comment says, the "wheels are beginning to fall off the bandwagon". I like that analogy a lot.

The irony will be, however, that global warming as promoted today will probably die a natural death due to the public's observation that the climate is, if anything, getting cooler (UK summer 2008 for starters!) Some scientists have proof that we are entering a potential cooling cycle (decrease in sun spot activity when we were not expecting it) which may further accelerate public opinion against the politicians and the IPCC. The sooner it all happens the better.