Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Explaining the absence!

We've been away without a good internet connection, so there has been little activity on the internet and few blog posts this month. It was annual holiday time in Languedoc, France, a chance to re-find summer and enjoy the Mediterranean climate for a couple of weeks. Photos should follow.

While we were away there were three family birthdays, including 5 year old Isobel who celebrated hers by starting school! One again, Bonne Anniversaire to each of you, Pete, Isobel and Jeff!

Upon our return we were fortunate to have the tail end of a settled weather period in England but last night it broke and unsettled rainy weather seems to be the most likely prediction for the days ahead. Just as well I mowed the lawn yesterday!

The weather apart, we noticed some significant differences between the governments of England and France despite both being partners in the EU. On balance France seems to be doing the better job.