Monday, September 15, 2008

iweb and the e-mail

(This entry relates to the sister site running on Apple's iWeb)

After several weeks of frustration I decided to take a calculated guess and send an e-mail to the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. I had no idea if the e-mail address was authentic but, what the heck, it was worth a try.

I received two replies!

The first was from a really helpful guy, John, in Cupertino, CA (Apple’s headquarters) who eventually got everything sorted out. The second was from Apple UK & Ireland who offered to assist and who I suggested could act as a back up (never utilized but nice to have them in my back pocket).

John in Cupertino was patient and with 8 hours of time difference the dialog proceeded slowly. It didn’t help that I was traveling at the same time, but we started to exchange data, logs and things about which I still understand little.

Eventually the site was published but with an error message. The source of this message has now been purged so things are back to normal (i.e. as if MobileMe never existed).

The negative of all this was a bad experience with Apple, the first I have suffered in 16 years as a user. The positives outnumber the negative in that I received excellent personal help and also have had my MobileMe account extended by 3 months as compensation.