Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Financial Crisis and Fighting Climate Change

According to some European politicians, the two cannot go hand in hand. Quite so, fighting climate change would cost Europe even more than the financial crisis, which at least can be said to be man-made.

As is often said here, climate change is not something man should be fighting in the first place and anthropogenic global warming is a fiction worked up into fact by those who are looking for the "new religion" to replace communism and socialism. So what can Europe do about this conundrum? After all, some countries now have "Ministers of Environment and Climate Change" and they must be able to keep their jobs.

Well, the simplest and most honest solution would be to stop mentioning climate change and start talking about economizing. Honest economizing, that is. Not banning certain light bulbs when their replacements are environmentally no better, but promoting the idea that turning those unnecessary lights off would save money. The sceptic public should understand that rhetoric and might even accept it.