Monday, October 27, 2008

Google Earth for iPhone

Well, I am sure that this news has traveled around the planet a few times already, so my post is more concerned with what I did when I found out that Google had released Google Earth for the iPhone.

I first found out using Newstand while standing in the Exeter Apple Store (using their free wi-fi) at 10:30 a.m. this morning.

At 11:30 we were sitting in Café Rouge, drinking chocolat chaud when I decided to visit Apps and download the Google Earth App using O2's 3G signal. This took a minute or two and another minute or so to set it up.

At 12:30 we were waiting for a diagnostic check on our car's computer and the dealership has free wi-fi. So I started to experiment. The GPS is coordinated with Google Earth just like it is with Google Maps. No streets, as far as I can see, but superb aerial detail of the Exeter area. Then, by accident, I allowed the iPhone to tilt and immediately the software started to download and render an oblique view. Fantastic!

So then we came home and I went exploring geographically and took this screen shot of Cabanes de Fleury, our favorite Mediterranean beach:

The view is oblique, looking due north at the mouth of the Herault river. Beaches to west and east are equally good but Cabanes de Fleury is located on the western side and is the "wilder" of the two. I have since turned on lat and long as well as altitude which enhance the details if that is what is wanted.

All in all, incredibly easy to buy (it's free!) install and operate, I would have to think this is an absolute ***** winner.