Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mouse Traps!

Following from our recent wiring problem with the car I went to the local garden center and bought two mousetraps, shown here:

Each trap has a different purpose. The larger trap is a humane (for the purchaser, I presume) trap that doesn't kill the mouse. The mouse enters at the right end, trips a lever which closes the green "door". The idea here is that the mouse can be released back into the wild. The traditional mouse trap in front, aptly named "Little Nipper" is very effective at eliminating the mouse altogether.

So why buy both? Well, my rational goes like this. A wild mouse has inadvertently strayed under our car and found it has a partiality to electric cabling. Annoying though this is, the mouse is basically in its territory. On the other hand, if a mouse takes up residence in our attic (we have had this happen before in another house) the mouse is now in our territory and must go!

I know that chocolate is supposed to work better than cheese. But I ate the chocolate myself.