Saturday, October 25, 2008

Parliament fiddles while the planet burns?

Although you won't see much about it in the "oligarch" soaked pages of the media these days, the UK parliament will debate the Climate Change Bill next week.

Just what will the Climate Change Bill mean to us all? Here are some thoughts:

1. It's a tax. Well, not a tax sensu stricto, but the means (i.e. excuse) for increasing taxation.

2. The Bill looks to targets set for the year 2050. Not many current MPs will be around by then so whatever they decide will be moot for them. The claim that they are doing it for future generations will be examined below.

3. The UK (and maybe Europe, though this is looking less and less likely) intends to set an example to the rest of the world. Who in their right mind thinks that China and India, never mind the Third World, is going to sit up and take notice?

4. Industrial lobby groups are already positioning themselves to obtain opt outs. The airline industry is one such entity that may well be exempt. This will mean that individuals will end up being disproportionately penalized.

5. The UK is a small (<2%) contributor to global CO2 emissions and will become even smaller as other nations take over our once famous role as a manufacturing nation. By focusing on service industries, the UK is in fact exporting its share of CO2 emissions to other countries. Again, the targets being set will be disproportionately distributed onto the shoulders of the individual.

6. As the political will in the UK declines, so the politicians need a new stick with which to control the public. Environmentalism is the new Socialism. It's simply another way for a self-styled elite to control the rest of us.

7. The net result for future generations will be that the UK will slide down the economic ladder of nations, its influence as a political power will erode and taxes will increase to breaking point. More and more of the workforce will be in the government's employ, ensuring that the political status quo stays the same, further propelling the UK into obscurity.

Much of what is in the Climate Change Bill is actually good common sense clothed in gobbledegook. But to exhort us to be economical, to save money, to be responsible for our lifestyles and so on is to admit that ordinary people are still smart enough to be able to think for themselves and act accordingly. Listen to any government minister talk on the radio and it becomes increasingly clear that the last thing they want is for people to be independent of government.

Even as Parliament debates the Climate Change Bill ordinary people will be re-cycling, building compost heaps, re-using plastic bags, turning down their thermostats, sealing windows for the winter and adding more insulation. Why? Because they see the sense in it. But their eyes will glaze over when the subject of their carbon footprint comes up on the ten o'clock news.

[And remember, much of the "science" on which anthropegenic global warming (AGW) is based is being shown to be invalid - the "hockey stick" being a prime example. Politicians are being incredibly selective about what they believe is good science and there are precious few politicians who have ever studied science]