Tuesday, October 14, 2008

rss, opml and newsreaders

The iPhone continues to amaze and exceed expectations. It is also pushing me into new areas of internet experience and know-how. To whit, rss readers.

I first tried NetNewsWire as I already have it on my PowerBook but their iPhone app seems quite buggy and simply forgot some of my feeds even though they are registered with Newsgator.

So I paid the princely sum of $4.99 for Newsstand as it has good reviews and seems to be more stable and more flexible.

So then I had to import my feeds. Not so bad, really. I first exported all my NetNewsWire feeds as an opml file and then uploaded this to a new, free, account on opmlmanager.com. Once uploaded the iPhone app quickly downloaded the file and with a couple of key strokes I am in Newstand heaven. Well, 1033 items are now waiting to be read!