Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apple, Adobe, iPhone and Flash

This article on Wired points out that Apple's "control-freak mentality" toward the iPhone will prevent Adobe's Flash system from ever being ported to the iPhone OS. The slew of comments to this article makes for interesting reading but, as might be expected, all the comments come from the "geek sector" of the user community. Who else reads Wired?

Well, I do, but mainly it's an attempt to keep up, remain savvy and occasionally learn something useful! Besides, I like the fact that Wired puts all of its articles on RSS readers, not some ridiculous appetizer to get you to click through.

That aside, this article misses the point for the vast majority of iPhone users. We (I am just about in the majority here) don't know what we're missing most of the time and don't really care. Web pages without Flash ads load quicker and are less distracting. That's a distinct bonus. The downside might be that we could occasionally be frustrated by a web site that insists on being Flashy. In which case the owners of those sites might just recognize that they are missing an increasingly important sector of the internet.

Some comments suggest that the only way to go with an iPhone is to jailbreak it. Well, that's a personal decision, but not one I will make in a hurry, unless I find myself living in a country where there is no official agreement to provide a service.

As mentioned last Saturday, there are advantages in Apple's ability to control its wide range of core hardware and software offerings.