Monday, November 03, 2008

Kill yr blog

So says Paul Boutin on Wired:

Kill yr blog. 2004 over. Google won't find you. Too much cruft from HuffPo, NYT. Commenters are tards. C u on Facebook?

The idea is simply this. Blogs are passé, blogs require too much writing and therefore reading, so the new sites such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, etc. are the way to go.

As someone who finds understanding text messages difficult (too much ambiguity, hell, often I have no idea who the sender is!) I shudder at the thought of viewing and interpreting abbreviated garble-geek-gook.

It's interesting that Flickr is included as the way of the future. Many of my contacts write excellent prose that some Flickrites find interesting and pleasing!

And just for the record I hate emoticons too!