Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Small Business - no seats on the PM's jet!

So this comes in over the RSS feed:

And I get all excited. After all, I've spent the past weekend extolling the efforts of my father building a small company in Birmingham, my son is doing much the same and I am self-employed. Does this mean that small business really is getting a helping hand from the UK Government?

Ha ha, ha de ha ha.

First off, the CEOs had to be invited onto the "company" plane. The report says they included HSBC, Shell and BG. So much for small business as a priority to the new minister, Lord Mandelson. No, these people only know how to rub shoulders with those who earn megabucks running other peoples' (the shareholders') businesses with the only downside a golden parachite when they fail.

Pass me the vomit bag!