Friday, December 26, 2008

A Hypeless Christmas!

How many people agree with me? Christmas in the UK is now all hype and no fun at all. All that pressure leading up to Christmas Day often leads to a depressingly short celebration followed by the opening of bills that demonstrate that much of it cost too much and wasn't worth the effort.

So this year we opted out (an ongoing plan for every other year that seems to be working well), and spent the day on the beach between Cabanes de Fleury (northeast) and St. Pierre (southwest).

Having a Hypeless Christmas!

I switched on data roaming while at the groin near the mouth of the Rive l'Aude and took this screen capture of Google Maps satellite image. The blue circle is the GPS location. Data roaming can cost a lot when away from your host provider's country, so this has to be done sparingly! The hike was only about 3 kilometers each way but much of it was on energy sapping soft sand, giving our calf muscles, in particular, a good work out.

Early in the day, as we walked toward the southwest we could see not only Le Canigou (a large mountain west of Perpignan) but also most of the Pyrennees stretching off to the west. Later in the day the clouds rolled in over the mountains but the sun came out, warm enough for us to catch some rays in the lees of the sand dunes. Not warm enough to strip off, though!

More photos to follow.