Monday, December 29, 2008

New Hiking Trail site and format

I am not the only one thinking design changes are good at this time of year. While I like the Google Blogger template I actually prefer the templates provided with iWeb. The only problem with iWeb is the lack of interaction except on photos (and I use Flickr for that). So I think Blogger will stay for the blog but the subsets of hiking trails, travelogs, galleries, etc. would seem to work better in iWeb. I have already done one site with iWeb, that of the genealogical findings about my own father, available here.

Now I have completed a revision of the Cader Idris trail and this is available for review and comment here. The photos used to link to Flickr and I think I will add the links here as well. Also, it would be useful to have a reference to a blog entry which would provide for comments, etc. Any other thoughts? BTW, the old entry is still available here.

Oh yes, I have also reduced the number of exclamation marks (!) to nearly zero. Looks and reads much better as a result.