Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nigel Lawson - a good article

Today's Sunday Telegraph carries an interesting, well thought out and presented essay by Nigel lawson on the global warming/carbon economy fiasco we have endured during the past weeks.

It's worth reading and the comments are also useful as a barometer (not thermometer) of public opinion. One small quote to get you going:

"Professor Gwyn Prins of the London School of Economics, a distinguished political scientist who, as it happens, accepts the majority view of the climate science, has pointed out why, for this and other reasons, the Kyoto approach is doomed.

"But the vested interest of the great climate change circus, and the gratifying opportunities it presents for global grandstanding, have ensured that his analysis is ignored."

Note that Lawson isn't afraid of mixing and matching his sources, unlike the religious greens who cannot accept anything that isn't written in the good green book. They need to start emulating Lawson's approach for two reasons. First it will make their case more acceptable to the undecided. Second, the undecided will be able to make up their minds with a greater clarity of information.