Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No more Keynotes from Steve :(

The big news in Apple-land today is the announcement that Steve Jobs will not be giving the MacWorld keynote in January and that Apple will absent from Macworld 2010. Needless to say, there has been a flurry of negative thoughts in the blogosphere, as summed up in this Telegraph article.

By and large I agree with the article but here is my own twist on the subject. From the perspective of a user I agree that to announce new products in January seems to be bad timing, particularly as it will only piss off people who just bought the "latest" model a few weeks earlier for Christmas. When Apple only made computers this was less significant. Now the company is primarily a consumer product manufacturer.

The timing of announcements is more easily controlled if Apple organizes its own shows, as and when the product is properly ready. This is significant in that many Apple fans have got accustomed to the idea that version 2.0 or at least 1.1 is worth waiting for! (Think of Aperture as a good example).

It is clear that, no matter what Apple announces in January, the stock usually slumps because investors assume that the Christmas sales period is over and new products will take a while to be accepted (see above). I bet Apple's management have noticed this; after all, they own a lot of stock!

Macworld is simply a trade show, that's all. Trade shows are a dying breed in this day and age.

But I will miss Steve's Keynotes. He is one of the best presenters in the business and his eye for detail and excellence are paragons for the rest of us to only wish to follow. He does, after all, have his own very special reality distortion field! Hopefully we will continue to have some online coverage of new product announcements?