Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Stressing the Intangible

The present times are difficult for most people. The so-called "credit crunch" (I prefer "credit crisis" but I'm not the media) is hurting just about anyone who has bills to pay, taxes to pay, jobs to keep and families to feed. So it is only natural that our great and wonderful leaders should now stress the intangible.

Top of their list, of course, is the fight against climate change. Climates change but we must stop them at all costs.

But look out for other devious reasons to accept the crunch. Like asteroids. Yes, we must be especially fearful of an asteroid collision now that the global financial situation is so precarious. It's as though the banks had erected a special asteroid shield but now it has been dissolved along with easily available credit.

In the weeks ahead we can expect drinking water, genetically modified food and wind turbines to get their day in the world court of righteousness.

Water Well

Don't get me wrong. Poverty, lack of potable water and decent sanitation are all high on my list of undesirables. Happy to say I am doing my bit to try to help, but I really do get tired of the bandwagon hitchhikers.