Saturday, January 10, 2009

Apple Software Upgrades

Unless you are in the market for a 17" screen laptop (I'm not!) then the big news from Apple this month is that both iLife and iWork and getting meaningful upgrades. These two packages are disappointing in one way in that I don't really use all the components and if I could buy just Pages, Numbers, iPhoto and iWeb, then I would. I don't think iMovie will even work on my 4 year old PowerBook.

One interesting business solution is the introduction of the iPhone App "Keynote Remote". If only Keynote was the de facto presentation software in place of god-awful PowerPoint! Keynote Remote allows you to control the presentation with your iPhone while either reviewing your notes in portrait mode (on the iPhone) or the next slide in landscape mode. I'm going to try this App even if I don't actually use it at work. Sometimes I simply forget what the next slide is going to be, talk about its content and then realize that I should have clicked forward several minutes ago.

Again, why has the business community allowed PowerPoint to be omnipresent? That's a rhetorical question.

I am hoping that iWeb is going to be a more sophisticated package, even as I gradually convert's content over to it. (Update, five hiking trails are now converted to the new format).