Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Green Bandwagon

In the week following President Obama's inauguration there has been a surge in press releases from the global warming crowd. Most of these predict some form of future calamity, but conditional with the liberal use of the would "could". Examples include the wiping out of Emperor Penguins (could happen), the stagnation of oceans (could happen), while climate change is (probably) irreversible.

I have linked to the last one because it is worthy of additional comment. The irony of the scientists' conclusion is that is doesn't matter what we do to prevent climate change, it won't make much difference. Yet from those same mouths comes the quote:

"Climate change is slow, but it is unstoppable - all the more reason to act quickly, so the long-term situation does not get even worse."

If ever there was a two-faced plea for additional research funding, there you have it.