Monday, January 19, 2009


The previous post discussed a problem with ripping Narnia. A quick search suggested I try RipIt. So I downloaded the 7 day trial and. . . it works! Looks like will be getting my business.

The differences between Mac the Ripper and Ripit appear to be twofold. First, the RipIt interface is even simpler than MTR. A few preferences but that's it - load the DVD and start to rip. Second, the result is not a folder of files with strange acronyms and extensions, but a single file that can be played with Apple's DVD Player and which has the extension .dvdmedia.

But the real difference is that RipIt coped with the copy protection crap as if it didn't exist.

When I loaded the .dvdmedia file into Apple DVD Player it was like playing the DVD itself. For example, several annoying trailers for other movies, etc. But when I loaded the file into Elgato's software I simply deleted all but the main feature and created a single m4v file of what I wanted!