Sunday, February 22, 2009

Down Memory Lane

Another "heads up" from Pete. This time it's a link to a group called 28 Days Later who investigated an open factory door at 3, Legge lane, Birmingham and went inside to take photographs and report to the world.

If that address isn't familiar (why should it be?) then I should explain that it was the location of Ashton & Moore (Metal Colourers) Ltd. until very recently. They've upped sticks and moved to another location in Hockley.

But this is the location I knew and in fact I really grew up there, spending many a day during school holidays. I actually thought that was what most school kids did! And when I was old enough I went to work as the maintenance man's assistant (he was a Polish refugee named Joe).

The place looks a bit worse than I remember, what with the inevitable industrial decay. But it's good to know that the business has moved on and hopefully up.

I wonder what will become of it? The rather fine Victorian terracotta frontage is the only thing worth saving so I suppose it will all come down in the name of progress. The chemicals used (see photos) probably mean that the building could never be used as a loft style residence.

For more history on the site, try this. And the A&M site is here.