Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Global Confusion

I understand that today has been named Earth Day. For the rest of us, every day is Earth Day. It's where we live, after all.

But the recent reports on what is happening to the planet are anything if confusing. That's the trouble with trying to analyze something that is so complicated with too many variables.

Today we learn, for example, that pollution is slowing down global warming!

I for one don't believe most of what is purported to be a scientific "finding" if it has anything to do with climate change. The climate will change, that's the only given we can work with. Meantime the scientists and politicians continue to speculate what will happen ten, twenty, maybe a hundred years from now, and, unfortunately the politicians are using this speculation to adversely affect our quality of life and ability to get through a recession. That's a risk they should not be allowed to take.