Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Let's exchange climates!

One of the facets to emerge from the G20 gathering is that I have come to learn that the European Climate Exchange exists! What exactly is this?

Well, their website sometimes shows trader types on the telephone, no doubt arranging lunch or some other boondoggle. Or maybe they are actually trading climates:

"I've got this warm spell in the Maldives. Trouble is, the tourists think sea level is rising so they won't go there. But the good news is that hotel rates have plummeted and I can offer you a really good discount."


"Icebergs aren't melting as fast as we had hoped. I'm offloading a ton of paper that says they would. Interested in buying some at a discount?"


"You remember that good summer we had a few years ago? Well, my neighbor next to our second home in the country is a bit of a yokel but he swears this summer is going to break all records. I'm buying water utilities on the side, suggest you do the same."