Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where is John Galt when he's needed?

I have been following the UK Budget from a distance and it appears that the Government has really got things in a mess. Sure, the banks started the ball running down hill but you have to ask where was the Government when all this was going on? I mean, bankers making huge bonuses just for moving money around (and not necessarily in the right direction most of the time) should surely have triggered a few alarm bells?

Well, they obviously didn't. One of the things I've noted about governments these days is that the peoples' representatives mostly come from a legal background, have only worked in service industries, and rarely have much inkling about how ordinary people make a living. They are consummate politicians, being capable of lying and then not apologizing when things go awry. They are not the peoples' representatives at all.

So I wonder if there will be a revolution in the UK. Probably not, the British stiff upper lip will prevent such a calamity.

Ayn Rand's question "Who is John Galt" seems more and more appropriate to the situation.