Saturday, May 16, 2009

Should I throw in the towel?

A quick look at Blogger statistics reveals that I have posted 996 times to this blog since 2003.

I thought I would be looking forward to reaching a major milestone but in fact I am not. I might just be getting bored with the whole internet thing. Twitter doesn't interest me at all, and maybe the entire social thing is not what I need. Flickr has been a great influence on my life but even there I am finding it difficult to stay tuned and involved.

I am trying new avenues and for a short while now the member-only has kept me informed on what is going on in North American train circles. But I again feel no compulsion to get involved in a big, lasting way. A useful resource for things I want to do but not something I want to devote a lot of my time to in "giving back". That last sentence sounds very selfish to me.

I have a number of features running in parallel at the moment. Too many, perhaps.

I am seriously thinking about dropping out of Flickr when the membership renewal comes up.

I am seriously thinking about dropping, or at least mothballing, this blog.

The focalplane pages I maintain have not been receiving enough care and attention and there is a backlog of material I don't have time to add. There is no reason for them to disappear altogether.

I would like to expand on my "Snaps and Crackles with Pops" blog, dedicated to the grandkids.

So, should I throw in the towel?