Monday, November 30, 2009

Denying is not always anti-green

OK, I'll briefly weigh in on Climategate, as it is now coined. And my best point of reference is George Monbiot's blog in the Guardian.

Poor George, he found himself in a bind. But at least he recognized it, unlike most of his followers who could only chastise him for "making things even worse". Good science is what is needed, not clever fabrications now revealed by hacked e-mails. Climate science has demonstrated itself to be far from good science, as I have often claimed. As a PhD scientist myself I am deeply saddened by some of the comments made in the e-mails - it sort of becomes a "buyer beware" mentality which pure science should never bow to.

Coming just before the 100% political Copenhagen climate change summit, this may be good news for us "deniers". Of course, we never were deniers, that was just a moniker applied by those with more faith than science, who now find themselves in a similar situation.

The conference itself will prove to be an interesting exercise in politicized science. Meantime, let the show begin!