Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Computer Models and the Met Office

The criticisms of the UK Met Office's handling of the Iceland volcanic ash problem are rolling in. This once august enterprise has fallen on hard times, it seems, and much of this is because the scientists based at the new centre in Exeter seem to rely upon computer models rather than gather empirical data.

It is often the case that, if you happen to be in the Exeter area, the weather you experience is quite differenet from that which the Met Office is reporting. Do they have windows in their buildings? Possibly not, because computer screens are more easily viewed in darkened, inside rooms.

Here is a damning list of errors the Met office has made in recent years.

What needs to be added to the list is the fact that computer models are also the main criteria used to predict climate change. Huge political decisions have been made on the backs of spurious computer models that furnish similar predictions to those failures in the linked article. Some of these computer models were generated and promoted by the Met Office.

So why is it that politicians put so much trust in them?