Sunday, June 27, 2010

England and the World Cup

After all the hype, all the money, all the bullshit - England goes out with a bang against their old nemesis, Germany. There was even a disallowed goal to assist their demise. Do I care. Not a bit. Why? Well, here's a short list.

Football in England is owned by the Premiership, with some teams fielding 11 foreign players. This is clearly a big mistake if England is ever to foster talent.

Too often player power gets in the way. Players are team players, though you often would not know it.

The media is England's worst enemy when it tries to be its best friend.

Fabio Capello was a mistake. Notice that he renegotiated his contract days before the World Cup started. Talk about an incredible insurance policy! The FA will pay up. Never is a lesson learned when an organization believes its own bullshit.

English fans deserve better after all that hype but maybe they should just start to recognize the truth and boycott a few internationals.

I am honestly pleased that England are out of the World Cup - not for the fans who truly believed, but for my own sanity. I can now follow my priorities and "get a life"!