Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Classy Lady!

Yes, Mary Chapin Carpenter has done it again. Her latest album, The Age of Miracles, is another milestone in her career and it is packed with good stuff. My favorite at the moment is Mrs. Hemingway, a soulful ballad set in Paris as a young American couple (the Hemingways) find their feet in a strange and wonderful city. Unfortunately, the new bride finds herself marginalized as Ernest falls in love with her best friend and discards her. But the song reminisces about those heady days. I quote a few lines:

there’s Sancerre and oysters
and cathedrals and cloisters
and time, with its unerring aim…

Good stuff indeed but there's more, so I'll let you buy the album to find out!

And to top it off, we have tickets to her concert in Town Hall, Birmingham!

Friday, July 16, 2010

iPhone 4 - what's the problem?

OK, I don't own one and I have only picked one up in the local Apple store and admired its looks. So I haven't actually used one, but I still very much want to upgrade to one when I can work out the best plan (why do they make them so compliqué?)

The point is, I will buy a case for mine so that when it accidentally falls on a concrete floor it won't get damaged. Apparently a case (or bumper as some want to call the device that separates sweaty palm from antenna strip) is all that's needed to prevent calls from dropping. Problem (what problem?) automatically solved!

And I was sure other smart phones have similar problems. A search revealed several models do indeed have similar problems.