Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blues win Carling Cup!

The real, original Blues, a.k.a. Birmingham City Football Club, just won the Carling Cup, beating Arsenal 2-1. I am over the moon!

But I had to follow the match on the internet, with no broadcast TV to watch. And I have to say that the Telegraph was pathetic, the BBC OK and the Guardian incredibly one-sided. When Blues scored the winning goal a minute from full time, this is what was posted:

"What a disaster. Birmingham have surely won it!"

It is possible that the disaster referred to a mix up between Arsenal defenders, but I didn't have the benefit of a TV screen to work that out.

And in the first few minutes, Blues were denied a red card and a penalty with a foul that was deemed not a foul because the player was offside. Except the replays apparently showed he was on side. Doesn't matter now, of course.

Well done, Blues - KRO!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

New MacBook Pros announced

Some interesting boundary-pushing innovations, indeed. But I do have a problem with the language:

"All three models are now up to twice as fast"

That doesn't mean a whole lot!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just how virtual have we become?

I am listening to Philip Sheppard's score for the movie "In The Shadow Of The Moon", a documentary movie covering the Apollo Mission to land men on the moon. Uplifting music, as it should be, given the incredible feats that were accomplished at the time.

Then I wondered what the response to Jack Kennedy's urgings on winning the space race would be today. I suppose modern society could achieve the same success, but at the same time I think the engineering practicalities have been thrown out with the baby and the bathwater. We think we can simulate better than we can act these days, though typical models seem to fail at even coming close to reality these days. Just think "global warming".

So, while I applaud NASA's commitment to forward planning in space, I do have to wonder if the capabilities of the 1960s have been lost by a generation accustomed to doing everything as a simulation.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ashton Park and Woodville

I have started a blog for the grandchildren which relates the building of a small model railway. Here is the link.

Progress varies, but there will be a new post this weekend!