Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blues win Carling Cup!

The real, original Blues, a.k.a. Birmingham City Football Club, just won the Carling Cup, beating Arsenal 2-1. I am over the moon!

But I had to follow the match on the internet, with no broadcast TV to watch. And I have to say that the Telegraph was pathetic, the BBC OK and the Guardian incredibly one-sided. When Blues scored the winning goal a minute from full time, this is what was posted:

"What a disaster. Birmingham have surely won it!"

It is possible that the disaster referred to a mix up between Arsenal defenders, but I didn't have the benefit of a TV screen to work that out.

And in the first few minutes, Blues were denied a red card and a penalty with a foul that was deemed not a foul because the player was offside. Except the replays apparently showed he was on side. Doesn't matter now, of course.

Well done, Blues - KRO!!!